Forbes’ Billionaires World Map

25 Mar

For the 27th annual Forbes billionaires list, Frobes’ team of reporters spent months tracking down the wealthiest people around the globe. Ultimately, they found 1,426 billionaires who are together worth a total of $5.4 trillion — a record sum.

The combined wealth of billionaires from the United States, $1.87 trillion, is larger than the combined wealth of all the billionaires from Europe, $1.55 trillion, or any other continent.

BRIC nations represent three of the five countries with the largest combined net worth: Russian billionaires have amassed $427.1 billion, ranking second. Followed by Germans, $296.25 billion, Chinese, $262.96 billion, and Indians $193.6 billion.

Bob Mansfield and David Lada mapped the wealth of the world’s richest. Share your own conclusions and rankings with us:

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billionaire map russian billionaires

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