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The Amazing Toys Of Russia s NEW Wealthiest Oligarch

14 Mar

Alisher Usmanov is now Russia’s richest man thanks to the investment he made in Facebook three years ago.

Alisher Usmanov whealthiest russian oligarch roman abramovitch

The oligarch, whose investment term DST has invested in several Silicon Valley startups and sold $1.4 billion worth of Facebook stock during the company’s IPO, is currently worth some $18.1 billion, according to Forbes.

While the rich and famous hope to pick up a piece at Sotheby’s auction, Usmanov was able to poach the entire collection before it even went for sale. He is also building a Roman bath under his house.

Usmanov owns Beechwood house, a Victorian mansion in London that he bought for $77 million.

beechwood-house Alisher Usmanov whealthiest russian oligarch

Usmanov’s neighbors in Highgate, London include Jude Law, Annie Lennox and George Michael. 

Jude Law

Usmanov is in the process of building a huge, Roman-style bathing complex and underground swimming pool in his Victorian mansion.

Victoria mansion benchwood-house Alisher Usmanov whealthiest russian oligarch tudor mansion

Usmanov’s Russia’s Arts and Sports Charity Foundation is credited with carrying out a successful bid for Russia to host the 2018 World Cup.

benchwood-house Alisher Usmanov whealthiest russian oligarch tudor mansion

Usmanov’s country house is a Tudor mansion built in 1524 and was a gift from Henry VIII to one of his associates. It’s on 300 acres for privacy.

benchwood-house Alisher Usmanov whealthiest russian oligarch tudor mansion

Usmanov has a $100 million yacht named Dilbar, for his mother. The yacht is actually a downgrade from his previous one, which was $273 million.

Yacht dilbar Alisher Usmanov whealthiest russian oligarch

He reportedly just bought a wide-body Airbus A340 that is the largest private jet in Russia, and possibly in all of Europe. It could cost as much as $500 million, depending on how he outfits it.

airbus a340 Alisher Usmanov whealthiest russian oligarch

In 2007, Usmanov bought out a whole Sotheby’s auction for the art collection of cellist Mstislav Rostropovich, paying more than $35 million. The paintings are displayed publicly at a Russian castle.

 Sotheby's auction alisher usmanov whealthiest russian oligarch

Usmanov owns Comment, a well-known business newspaper in Russia with a circulation of 131,000. He fired the CEO and Editor-in-Chief for publishing negative comments about Vladimir Putin.

 vladimir putin alisher usmanov whealthiest russian oligarch

In May 2009, Digital Sky Technologies, a company Usmanov owns a 32% stake in, paid $200 million for a 1.96% stake in Facebook. When the company went public, he became Russia’s richest man.

facebook  alisher usmanov whealthiest russian oligarch


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World’s largest yacht belonging to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich docks in NYC

19 Feb

Eclipse YachtThe colossal private yacht belonging to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovitch sailed into New York harbour yesterday and stunned residents by docking in midtown Manhattan for reasons unknown.

Widely recognised as the largest boat in the world, Eclipse measures a whopping 557ft in length so was unlikely to go unnoticed as it arrived in the Big Apple.

The presence of the $1.5billion vessel has surprised many familiar with the Russian’s security paranoia and media shyness and has understandably fuelled speculation as to why it has strayed from its usual territory around southern Europe and St Barts.
Eclipse yacht russian oligarch abramovitch
A spokesman for Mr Abramovich refused to comment on the nature of the Chelsea FC owner’s business in New York but tongues are wagging that it may have something to do with his girlfriend’s pregnancy.

Dasha Zhukova is expecting the couple’s first child together in the Spring and dock workers have revealed the boat is due to remain parked at the Midtown pier until mid-April.

Since Mr Abramovitch prioritizes privacy and security, CNBC reports that some believe he is using the boat as a temporary residence so he can better accommodate his staff and security team.

The incredible vessel boasts two swimming pools, two helicopter pads, a dedicated disco hall, around 30 cabins, a mini-submarine, and even a missile defence system.

It also has armour-plating around Abramovich’s master suite, bullet-proof windows and a laser system designed to dazzle long-lens photographers.

When it was ordered the initial cost was estimated at around $500million, but by the time Mr Abramovich took delivery last year it was spiralling towards the $1.5billion mark because of the extra luxury fittings and security measures.

Eclipse was built by the Blohm and Voss shipyard in Hamburg, Germany, and delivered to Abramovich last December.

The oligarch also owns three other mega-yachts, the Pelorus (377ft), the Ecstasea (282ft) and the Sussurro (161ft).

Abramovich once lent the Pelorus to Chelsea footballers Frank Lampard and John Terry as a ‘bonus’ for playing well.

Annual running costs for his fleet are around $25million including full tanks of petrol at around $110,000 per yacht.