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Abramovich’s Girlfriend, Sharapova and Sexy Spy Make List of Russia’s Most Beautiful Women

9 Jul


russian oligarch girl

In honor of International Women’s Day, Russian news service Russia Beyond the Headlines (RBTH) has anointed the 12 most beautiful women in Russia. The list includes supermodel Natalia Vodianova(above), Roman Abramovich‘s gorgeous girlfriend Dasha Zhukova and tennis star Maria Sharapova(below) as well as sexy spy Anna Chapman, who was kicked out of the U.S. last summer following espionage charges. Here’s the full rundown of RBTH’s Russian beauties; it’s unclear whether they’re ranked in order of pulchritude, but if so Anna Chapman clocks in high at #3, Vodianova is #4, Sharapova is #5 and Zhukova.

maria sharapova

  • Source : http://www.luxist.com/tag/Russian+billionaires/

Boris Berezovsky death: ‘No evidence of third-party involvement’

26 Mar

There is no evidence so far that a “third party” was involved in the death of Boris Berezovsky, police say.

Earlier, the Russian tycoon’s house in Berkshire was given the all-clear after it was searched by police for chemical, biological and nuclear material.

Thames Police said Mr Berezovsky, 67, was found by an employee dead on his bathroom floor on Saturday afternoon. The door was locked from the inside.

A Home Office post-mortem examination is to be carried out.

Mr Berezovsky emigrated to the UK in 2000 after falling out with Russia’s president, and was granted asylum in 2003.

Police are treating the death as unexplained, while scenes-of-crime officers are currently inside the property carrying out a full forensic examination of the scene.

“It would be wrong to speculate on the cause of death until the post-mortem has been carried out. We do not have any evidence at this stage to suggest third party involvement,” Det Ch Insp Kevin Brown of Thames Valley Police said.

Boris Berezovsky death

 ”The investigation team are building a picture of the last days of Mr Berezovsky’s life, speaking to close friends and family to gain a better understanding of his state of mind.

“We are acutely aware of the level of interest into his death and are focused on conducting a thorough investigation as we would with any unexplained death.”

Mr Berezovsky’s body was reportedly found by an employee, who called an ambulance at 15:18 GMT on Saturday.

He had not been seen since around 22.30 GMT the previous evening.

His body remained at the property while the search – described by police as a precaution – for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear material was carried out.

The search was sparked after a paramedic’s personal electronic dosimeter (PED) – a health and safety device – was triggered.

Boris Berezovsky amassed a fortune in the 1990s after the privatisation of state assets following the collapse of Soviet communism.

He survived numerous assassination attempts, including a bomb that decapitated his chauffeur.

In 2003 he was granted political asylum in Britain on the grounds that his life would be in danger in Russia.

He was married twice and had six children – two with each of his wives and two with a long-term partner.

The tycoon’s wealth is thought to have considerably diminished in recent years, leaving him struggling to pay debts in the wake of costly court cases.

In 2011, Mr Berezovsky reportedly lost more than £100m in a divorce settlement. And, last year, he lost a £3bn ($4.7bn) damages claim against Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich.

In an informal interview with journalist Ilya Zhegule on the eve of his death, and published on Forbes’ Russian language website, Mr Berezovsky reportedly said his life no longer made sense and spoke of his desire to return to Russia.

“There is nothing that I wish more today than to return to Russia,” he is quoted as saying.

“I had underestimated how dear Russia is to me and how little I can stand being an emigre.

“I have changed my opinion on a lot of subjects. I had a very idealistic idea on how to build a democratic Russia. And I had an idealistic idea of what democracy is in the centre of Europe.

“I underestimated the inertia of Russia and greatly overestimated the West.”

On Saturday a Kremlin spokesman said that Mr Berezovsky had recently written to Mr Putin, saying he wanted to go home.

Mr Berezovsky was a close friend of murdered Russian emigre and former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko, who died in 2006 after he was poisoned with the radioactive material polonium-210 while drinking tea at a London meeting.

Without naming Mr Berezovsky, the Kremlin has accused its foreign-based opponents of organising the assassination. It was thought that Russia was, in part, referring to Mr Berezovsky.

He denied the allegation and accused Mr Putin of personally being behind Mr Litvinenko’s death. A former Russian intelligence officer, Andrei Lugovoi, has refused to attend the Litvinenko inquest, saying he will not receive “justice” in Britain.

Russian media have described Mr Berezovsky’s death as “the end of an era”.

Boris Berezovsky death

Fmr Scotland Yard Commander John O’Connor said he did not believe Berezovsky would have written to Putin

On its website, the pro-Kremlin paper Komsomolskaya Pravda describes Mr Berezovsky as having been “clever, cunning, resourceful… a master of chaos”.

Meanwhile, Novaya Gazeta – which is normally critical of the Kremlin – described him as someone who “viewed Russia as a chess board”, albeit one on which “only he would be allowed to move the pieces”.

Former British ambassador to Russia Sir Andrew Wood, who knew Mr Berezovsky, said he had been a man of vigour who had tended to “over-egg his importance”, was at heart “not a bad man” and had been helpful to Britain in the past.

Sir Andrew told the BBC: “If he killed himself, that’s terrible. If he was poisoned – and it’s interesting that people instantly raise that question in one way or another – that is of course still worse.

“If he had a heart attack, well that was what was coming anyway so one should be grateful if it was fast.”

Russian reaction

“This dirty part of our history ended a long time ago and elicits no feeling but disgust. Let’s see if Satan allows him into hell, or maybe he’ll send him back to Russia to endure proper suffering” - blogger Mikhail Delyagin

“Berezovsky died an unhappy man. His life’s main project – President Putin – betrayed him and drove him out of Russia” - opposition activist Ilya Yashin

“Berezovsky’s demise is mostly bemoaned by liberal twitterati, who forget that it was he who brought Putin to power” - blogger Ilya Varlamov

“His life had lost all meaning… He could not return to serious politics, serious money or to any serious game in general” - journalist Dmitry Olshansky

Source :

  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21914864

The Amazing Toys Of Russia s NEW Wealthiest Oligarch

14 Mar

Alisher Usmanov is now Russia’s richest man thanks to the investment he made in Facebook three years ago.

Alisher Usmanov whealthiest russian oligarch roman abramovitch

The oligarch, whose investment term DST has invested in several Silicon Valley startups and sold $1.4 billion worth of Facebook stock during the company’s IPO, is currently worth some $18.1 billion, according to Forbes.

While the rich and famous hope to pick up a piece at Sotheby’s auction, Usmanov was able to poach the entire collection before it even went for sale. He is also building a Roman bath under his house.

Usmanov owns Beechwood house, a Victorian mansion in London that he bought for $77 million.

beechwood-house Alisher Usmanov whealthiest russian oligarch

Usmanov’s neighbors in Highgate, London include Jude Law, Annie Lennox and George Michael. 

Jude Law

Usmanov is in the process of building a huge, Roman-style bathing complex and underground swimming pool in his Victorian mansion.

Victoria mansion benchwood-house Alisher Usmanov whealthiest russian oligarch tudor mansion

Usmanov’s Russia’s Arts and Sports Charity Foundation is credited with carrying out a successful bid for Russia to host the 2018 World Cup.

benchwood-house Alisher Usmanov whealthiest russian oligarch tudor mansion

Usmanov’s country house is a Tudor mansion built in 1524 and was a gift from Henry VIII to one of his associates. It’s on 300 acres for privacy.

benchwood-house Alisher Usmanov whealthiest russian oligarch tudor mansion

Usmanov has a $100 million yacht named Dilbar, for his mother. The yacht is actually a downgrade from his previous one, which was $273 million.

Yacht dilbar Alisher Usmanov whealthiest russian oligarch

He reportedly just bought a wide-body Airbus A340 that is the largest private jet in Russia, and possibly in all of Europe. It could cost as much as $500 million, depending on how he outfits it.

airbus a340 Alisher Usmanov whealthiest russian oligarch

In 2007, Usmanov bought out a whole Sotheby’s auction for the art collection of cellist Mstislav Rostropovich, paying more than $35 million. The paintings are displayed publicly at a Russian castle.

 Sotheby's auction alisher usmanov whealthiest russian oligarch

Usmanov owns Comment, a well-known business newspaper in Russia with a circulation of 131,000. He fired the CEO and Editor-in-Chief for publishing negative comments about Vladimir Putin.

 vladimir putin alisher usmanov whealthiest russian oligarch

In May 2009, Digital Sky Technologies, a company Usmanov owns a 32% stake in, paid $200 million for a 1.96% stake in Facebook. When the company went public, he became Russia’s richest man.

facebook  alisher usmanov whealthiest russian oligarch


Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/alisher-usmanov-russias-richest-man-2012-6?op=1#ixzz2Kz4qoErs